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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


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Herschel Frye

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Emerson G. Cobb

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Milton E. Fuller

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Donald K. Wedegaertner

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Charles W. Roscoe


Part of this investigation was undertaken to determine the effects of functional group substitution on the ring - as well as on the -NH2 radical - on the formation of metal complexes with the first transition series in the periodic classification of the elements.

The outline of the investigation in this report is as follows: (1) To mind methods for the preparation of the complexes.; (2) To examine the relative ease of formation, and the relative solubility of such chelates in common laboratory reagents.; (3) To determine the relative stabilities by relative molar conductance measurements.; (4) To discover relative stabilities by infrared and ultraviolet spectral studies.; and (5) To elucidate the structure of the complexes by (a) Elemental analysis examinations, (b) Infrared and ultraviolet spectral studies.



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