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Herschel Frye

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Emerson G. Cobb

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Richard P. Dodge

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Floyd Helton

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Allen K[?]


Electrocapillary equation for an ideal polarized electrode based on Gibb's adsorption equation is appropriately recast into experimentally measurable quantities in order to apply it to a reversible charge transfer electrode.

To calculate the various parameters of the equation developed, experimental details were worked out. For the measurement of Current-time relationship of a single drop, a fast response potentiostat was built by using transistorized chopped stabilized operational amplifiers and precision components in the circuitry with proper compensation for IR-drop in the cell and the electrical double layer capacity. The analysis of I-t curves was done by taking into account the composite nature of the process involved; faradaic and non-faradaic.

V(III)/V(II) reversible change transfer electrode in absence of an complexing agent was used for its complete reversibility and high cationic adsorption on the electrode.

V(III) and V(II) were prepared in situ in equivalent amounts, by the electrolytic reduction of V(IV). The V(IV) concentration was controlled by photometric titration against standardized potassium permanagate solution.

The drop time was taken as a measure of interfacial tension, γ , and electrocapillary curves for the pure solvent... [see PDF file for the rest of the abstract including mathematical figures and equations].



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