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Dale Dunmal[?]

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George J. Hawkins


This report discusses in great detail the various research, design, and development stages of the Produce Sorting Microcomputer developed for HAGAN ENGINEERING Inc. The two-semester Clinical Research project has been approved by the graduate committee at the School of Engineering at the University of the Pacific and fulfills the requirements towards a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering.

The project was selected based on its complexity, feasibility, the time span it required to complete, and its relevance to the area of real time microcomputer design. In addition, the design constraints and specifications were to be dictated solely by HAGAN ENGINEERING Inc. and all further modifications were to be discussed and approved by HAGAN. These limitations created a professional industry-like atmosphere, which is one of the goals of the Clinical Research Program.

A brief User's Manual will accompany the MC68000 board; it will contain all the vital information about the system that a programmer or a technician might need to understand the system. The manual wall contain the complete circuit schematic, a parts list, general design features, and all the software properties of the system (memory map, interrupt tables register map).





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