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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Health and Physical Education

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Martin T. Gipson

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Kenneth L. Beauchamp

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Gary N. Howells


A study was designed to assess the effect of headphone music on running performance and enjoyment with its implications for increasing exercise compliance. A counterbalanced split-plot design was used with 18 University of the Pacific undergraduates receiving both treatment conditions: running with music and running without music. Measures included: (a) perceived enjoyment questionnaire scores; (b) running time; and (c) heart rate. It was expected that music would increase participants' rated running enjoyment, amount of time spent running, and also running intensity or heart rate, in comparison to running without music. Music significantly increased participants' rated enjoyment scores but not running time or heart rate. A tendency for participants to run longer when they rated the run as more enjoyable was also observed although the obtained Pearson r was not significant at the p = .05 level.





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