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Master of Science (M.S.)


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Francis W. Sayre

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John K. Brown

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Anne Funkhouser


The efficacy of a balanced amino acid infusion on recovery from temporary hepatic insufficiency and its effect on plasma ammonia levels in partially hepatectomized rats were studied.

Polyethylene implant buttons were developed to secure animals to the infusion apparatus. Rats under went jugular vein cannulation, and 70% partial hepatectomy. Test solutions were continuously infused (30 ml/d). Plasma samples were taken through the jugular vein cannula and analyzed for bilirubin concentration, ammonia concentration, LDH activity, and GPT activity.

LDH and bilirubin results were inconclusive. Results from GPT activity assays suggest that both Freamine III and the balanced formula provided injured hepatocytes with better nutrition than saline infusions and ad libitum food consumption. Ammonia assay results suggest that the balanced formula was more effective than Freamine in maintaining plasma ammonia levels in the normal range after partial hepatectomy.