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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Music Education

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David Goedecke

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George N[?]

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John C. P[?]


It is generally recognized and accepted that music is a vital part of a child's education. The Music Educators National Conference stated in "The Child's Bill of Rights in Music":

Every child has the right to full and free opportunity to explore and develop his capacities in the field of music in such ways as may bring him happiness and a sense of well-being.

It is impossible to deal with all aspects of elementary music education in a single presentation; consequently, this thesis is directed toward a specific need in a particular school district, namely the Vallecito Union School District.

In the Vallecito Union School District there is no district-wide plan for classroom music instruction. Music is taught by classroom teachers with little expertise in the field of music. This plan, offering a balanced program with variety, will enable a teacher to present musical concepts to children in five areas of instruction: singing, listening, moving, playing and notation.