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Thesis - Pacific Access Restricted

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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Graduate Studies

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Martin T. Gipson

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Tom S. Allison

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Roger C. Katz


Ten developmentally disabled children participated in an assessment of stimulus control and transfer of training. Each subject was taught to perform a simple, nonverbal, imitative task in a training room, and transfer to a novel setting was assessed. During training, subjects were video-taped in order to determine how often each visual stimulus in the training room was looked at. After an initial transfer t est each subject participated in a test of the stimulus control acquired by visual stimuli from the training room. Utilizing two groups (N = 5 each), subjects received an additional transfer test in the novel setting while in the presence of a stimulus that had been either frequently or infrequently looked at during the training process. Subjects tested in the presence of a frequently-looked-at stimulus produced a greater number of correct responses during the transfer tests than subjects tested in the presence of an infrequently-looked-at stimulus. Individual data are also presented fer the subjects. The implications of these results are discussed.



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