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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Health and Physical Education

First Advisor

James P. Santomier

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S. Thomas Stubbs

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J. Connor Sutton

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Robert G. MacLean


This study was designed to survey expressed attitudes toward physical activity in selected male senior and master running club members. These attitudes were contained in a conceptual model developed by Gerald S. Kenyon. The six attitudes included the following: physical activity as a social experience, physical activity for health and fitness, physical activity as the pursuit of vertigo, physical activity as an aesthetic experience, physical activity as a catharsis, and physical activity as an ascetic experience.

Specifically, the study was conducted to compare attitudes toward physical activity between senior runners aged 25 to 39 and master runners aged 40 and over as measured by Gerald S. Kenyon’s six dimensions of physical activity. In addition, within the senior and master groups, comparisons of these six attitudes toward physical activity were to be investigated.