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The mother of 1 grade school child and 2 sets of parents of 2 preschool children were trained in the home to use behavior modification techniques to reduce the undesirable behaviors of their children. Generalization from the home to the school setting was investigated. There was no support for or against changes in the homes generalizing to the classrooms. The mother of a 7-year-old girl with borderline intelligence used "time out" to curb the child's failure to follow instructions, tendency to be argumentative, and tendency to tantrum. The hyperactivity of a 41/2-year old girl was diminished. in part by changes in the parents' contingent behavior. A 4-year.-old boy's stubborn refusal to obey instructions h'as extinguished by "time out" and praise as positive reinforcement for desirable behavior. The behaviors were counted in 10 sec. intervals for 5 hrs. for each child at each measurement, baseline1, post instruction conditioning, baseline2, and post instruction-conditioning2 in the home and baseline1 and post instruction-conditioning1 in the school. Contingency reversible periods were included in the home to show a relationship between the use of behavior modification techniques and the changes in behavior.





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