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Master of Arts (M.A.)


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Paul H. Winters

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Donald Duns

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Jerry Briscoe


The objective of this thesis is to make a comparative study of President Nixon’s use of television during his two presidential campaigns. Specific emphasis will be placed on Nixon’s use of television in both of the political campaigns. The final objective of this thesis is to record for future researchers one presidential candidate’s use of television, in two political campaigns for the presidency. One of the campaigns he lost by a narrow margin of the vote, and the second one he won by a small percentage of the popular vote. The accomplishment of the objectives will answer the questions; How was television used in President Nixon’s two presidential campaigns? How did it vary in the two presidential campaigns of 1960 and 1968? This thesis is not intended to deal with some of the other questions that might be asked about the two campaigns, such as how did Nixon’s relationship vary with the press, or how did he use the modes of proof in his television speeches.