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Master of Science (M.S.)


Physiology and Pharmacology

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James R. Thompson

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Donald M. Pace

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Madhukar Chaubal

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Carl C. Riedesil [?]


The antibiotics have become so widely and successfully used in the practice of medicine that they are now considered to be essential. Among the antibiotics, the tetracycline group has achieved an enviable reputation for dependable medication, In spite of this, there remain several unanswered questions, One of these pertains to the interesting phenomenon for almost selective localization of tetracycline in certain tumor cells or masses, Although there have been numerous publications dealing with this phenomenon, as the following paragraphs will indicate, there is little agreement as to the factors involved. Indeed, there are some sharply conflicting opinions.

The investigations described in this paper were undertaken to obtain information relative to the localization and retention of tetracycline in a transplantable mouse tumor.