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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Inter-American Studies

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W. Preston Gleason

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Walter A. Payne

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Larry L. Pippin


The author spent four years in Latin America--almost three of those years in Maracaibo, Venezuela (1962-1965). As a Student Affairs Grantee with the United States Information Agency and working out of the cultural America House, it was his duty to know the university scene, and especially its student leaders. Among other duties were the teaching and organizing of English classes within the university and assisting the American Embassy by providing student leaders to conference where prominent North American and Venezuelan educators would speak and offer an exchange of ideas regarding the contemporary university scene.

During that time it was his pleasure to become acquainted with the Director of the Planning Commission and Dean of the School of Architecture, Dr. Miguel Casas Armengol, and his assistant, Dr. Alberto Mendoza, whose unyielding efforts served as an inspiration and impetus for this thesis.