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Among the questions that drew attention were these. Are San Joaquin County's juvenile delinquents the sane as, or different than those found elsewhere? that happens to the youngster after the police refer him on into the corrections structure? What are the criteria by which decisions are made? Who makes the decisions? What services are offered? What facilities does San Joaquin County have in which to treat the juvenile? What services are offered in the institutions? In view of the current levels of knowledge, is our county doing an adequate job?

Statistics are cited as necessary to delineate the source, nature and size of San Joaquin County's delinquency problem. Internal problems and assets of the Probation Department that affect the juveniles are evaluated, and these include such items as caseloads, personnel turnover and the new Special Supervision program.

Detention facilities will be examined with an eye to adequacy and efficiency. If found necessary, recommendations will be made. It is not anticipated that all of the obvious questions can be answered, but it is anticipated that a study can be produced that will be of some value to the community generally, and to the county government in particular.





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