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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Inter-American Studies

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Walter A. Payne

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Larry L. Pippin

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David K. Brumer


The web of Mexican-American life is complex in its origins, its manifestations, and its degree of identification with or alienation from the dominant culture. A thesis of the length of this one can deal with all this complexity only in a superficial way. However, by a rather narrowly defined examination of a few children certain insights may be gained which could be used as a basis for generalization about other children of similar background, and perhaps even for some tentative generalizations about the problems of the Mexican-American community as a whole.

With this purpose in mind -- to inquire intensively concerning the lives of a very few people for whatever insights may accure -- this study has been undertaken. It should be added that the present paper represents an ongoing study, and should be viewed as part of a larger whole. The conclusions drawn from it are offered at this stage for their suggestiveness rather than as an attempted "system" or explanation of Mexican-American life. Doubtless with further investigation new questions will arise, and these conclusions may require modification and refinement

It is hoped that this continuing investigation may be of service to the peers of the children studied, who need much help in their travels along the way, and for whom, indeed, the route is not clear nor the goal certain.