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Evaluation of many records is the only way valid judgments can be made on abundance and status. The necessity of obtaining exact dates, localities, numbers, and special weather conditions cannot be overemphasized. For this reason, records in supplement to this list are freely solicited.

The present checklist includes all species and subspecies for which specimens exist. In some instances sight records have been adequate reason for including a species on the list when no specimen existed. Sight records for species which are difficult to identify have been admitted upon careful editing. The author has followed the policy outlined by Griscom (1922) with regard to acceptance of sight records. Answers are sought to six questions about the person reporting an unusual sighting.: (1) Is he familiar with the birds of his area?; (2) Is he aware of the importance of his observation?; (3) Has he ever seen the species before?; (4) Does he know the species with which it might be confused?; (5) Does his account show that circumstances were good for a proper identification?; and (6) Did he recognize it at once, or look it up later from memory?





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