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As the importance of indium for research and industry grows, the need for rapid, accurate analysis of the metal Increases. The dead stop titration method, which has been used for other metals, will now be applied to the quantitative determination of indium ion in aqueous solution.

The uses of indium. Indium metal las found increased used during the last few years and is now comercially available. For a long time after its spectroscopic discovery in 1863 by Reich and Richter, it was regarded as little ore than further substantiation of the chemist's periodic classification of the elements. The first major use was more when it was discovered that coating bearing surfaces with the metal gave high corrosion resistance and caused the surface to retain a core complete all film (Latiner and Hildebrand, p. 1).For recently, indium has been used widely in a great many different applications. Sims (1556) and Schneider (1951) have summarized many of these.



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