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One hundred years may or may not seem a long time. To the geologist, one hundred years is but a moment. To the historian it may represent a convenient yardstick to measure events or empires. To the average individual, one hundred years may seem a short time when history tells us that old world civilization was brought to the shores of California in 1542 by Cabrillo, and the first Franciscan mission was established in 1769. One hundred years is a long time When it includes such a period of phenomenal events as mankind has experienced in the past ten decades. Certainly the course of California since the discovery of gold in 1848 or the gold rush of 1849 has undergone unparalleled change. Practically no region of the State has escaped alteration in some form, including Central California and the City of Stockton.

It is intended to present one small aspect of that total picture of Central California's and the City of Stockton's past one hundred years. Historians employ all manner of tools to aid them in their quest for truth. Records, diaries, letters, photographs, even garbage dumps serve as instruments for exploring antique lands, cultures, and events. There i no better instrument for understanding the past than a traditional cemetery with well maintained grounds and records. Central California and the City of Stockton are fortunate to have such a cemetery serving the community today as it has for the past one hundred years.

A consideration of Rural Cemetery's past one hundred years is more than a chronicle or burials and maintenance problems. It is a source for better understanding the community's history, growth, and citizens. It is not intended to present the entire story of the Stockton region since the "days of '49." By delving into the history of the Rural Cemetery, this writing will present part or that interesting story. Through this approach, the history of' a cemetery and its community will unfold.





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