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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Biological Sciences

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Donald L. Lehmann


While investigating various Amphibia of Central California for blood inhabiting parasites, the writer found a parasite in the blood of the Rod-legged Frog (Rana aurora draytoni) which exhibited the characteristics of Karyolysus, yet was different from any described; this same parasite had been previously observed by Dr. D. L. Lerhmann, Associate Professor of Zoology, University of the Pacific. In order to increase the knowledge of this form, further investigations were undertaken.

The first step was to determine the life cycle in the vertebrate host and, if possible, to find the invertebrate host and to elaborate the developmental stages in the vector.

Due to the difficulty in maintaining the parasite in the host animal for the purpose of study over prolonged periods of time, and the desire to concentrate them in large numbers for metabolic studies, attempts were made to culture them in vitro. Additionally, it was deemed necessary to determine the geographic distribution as well as the specificity of the host for the parasite.



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