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The Board of Education of Turlock Joint Union High School of Stanislaus and Merced Counties, hereinafter referred to as Turlock High School, has shown a keen awareness of the importance of offering the best education possible to the youth of the community. To this end the Board has directed that studies be made of the course offerings and scheduling practices of the high school. A general atmosphere of optimistic inquiry constantly pervaded the monthly Board meetings in 1951-1960 during discussions and actions on the high school educational program.

Of particular interest at Turlock High School was the advisability and feasibility of adding a seventh period to the school day in order to meet the increasing need tor enrichment and remedial opportunities for the high school students. Scheduling difficulties occasioned by increased requirements for graduation and special time blocks for some course activities led naturally to the consideration of an extended school day.

The purpose of this study was to determine if it is educationally advisable for the Turlock High School Board of Education to extend or lengthen the school day in order to provide a broader program of studies for each high school student.

The investigator assumed that the problem was basically one of class scheduling and that the high school program of course offerings was generally adequate.



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