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For many years a difference of opinion has existed regarding the role, if any, that a teacher should play in the political life of the community. There existed, and still exists, a great variance of opinion even on the part of teachers as to their political role. Some would have teachers set themselves completely apart from anything that even remotely resembles politics. Others would have teachers become deeply involved in the political life of the community. Heretofore no basis for participation in politics has been given other than personal opinion.

Should teachers participate in partisan politics? This single question states the major problem of this thesis. The word “partisan” included in the question serves as one means of differentiating the activity to be discussed here from “school politics.”

The solution of the problem would have to be based on precedent and opinion. Therefore, two other questions resulted to serve as a starting point and to implement a base: (1) What role or roles have teachers in the past played in politics?; (2) To what extent are teachers in Stockton participating in politics?