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During the last two years the Mooney Problem Check List for the junior high school level has been given to all seventh grade pupils in the Modesto Schools. The first year the test was given it was used to try to discover the problems most commonly mentioned that might fall in the area of mental health. These were used as a basis for the section of the school health unit dealing with mental health. The questionnaire has also been used for personal counseling with individuals, but a compilation of the frequency of problems for the entire seventh grade had not been made.

This study was undertaken with the idea that the most frequently mentioned problems might have implications for the entire school program as well as for the counseling staff. It is hoped that this study will result in a better understanding of the students in Roosevelt School that they might be helped toward maturity.

The general statement of the problem of this study is, “What are the personal problems of the seventh grade students of Roosevelt School?” Some of the phases that will be discussed are: (1) Whether there is a difference between the personal problems of X students, Y students, and Z students.; (2) Whether there is a difference between the personal problems of boys and girls?; (3) List the 25 most frequently selected problems of seventh grade students?; (4) List the categories into which most of the problems falls?



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