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Physical Education


The pole vault is an event performed in track and field athletics wherein the athlete, with the aid of a pole 14 and 15 feet in length, attempts to clear a crossbar resting on two pegs supported by two standards. The standards, or uprights, are placed not less than 12 feet nor more than 13 feet apart. The vaulter cushions his fall in a pit filled with shavings. The object of the event is to vault higher than your competitors.

The purpose of this study is to trace the progress made in the pole vault since man first learned to propel himself upward with the aid of a pole; and to give a year by year account of the best vaults made since the first years of competition.

This study will also present the evolution of techniques employed in pole vaulting, the equipment changes, and the extent of their influence on the progress made in the records of this sport.