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The main purpose for such a study as this is two-fold. First, much of the information which is vital to such a collection of historical facts is becoming misplaced or lost. Old-time residents pass away and first-hand knowledge is forever lost. Certain records are destroyed by people not realizing the value of the documents. The longer one waits to collect historical information the more difficult the job becomes. In certain instances it becomes impossible to locate. Thus, of primary interest is the capturing of historical knowledge before it becomes too difficult to find.

Secondly, having one source to which one may turn regarding any single subject is of some value. As it is now, in order to locate information about the Lodi schools one might refer to as many as fifteen or twenty different sources. This is not only time-consuming but discouraging. Such an endless task is needless when some person takes time to uncover and collect the information and make it available for others.

Also, not to be overlooked is the value of knowing the historical nature of the local educational system for the sake of history itself. It has been oftentimes said that the present cannot be fully appreciated without some knowledge of the past.

This study, therefore, is justified on the bases of these factors: first, the preservation and collection of historical data for those who many wish to make use of such information for pleasure or general knowledge, and secondly, the compilation of these data into one source for easy reference.



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