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What are the policies and procedures for the operation of a California junior college district that, in the interest of a smoothly operating, affective junior college, should be clearly defined and made available in written form to all persons directly and indirectly concerned?

The specific purpose of this study was to develop a manual of district policies and procedures as a guide to the board of trustees, staff, students, and public of the San Mateo Junior College District.

Through the development of this manual, an attempt was made to answer such questions as what are the general areas that should be included in a policy manual; what format will best serve the needs of a school district policy manual; to what extent can the development of the manual be a cooperative project of the board, the administration, and the staff of the school; can a policy manual be completely free of administrative rules and regulations; and can one policy manual be developed to fill the needs of all school districts of a similar kind.



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