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There is an accepted principle amongst sociologists that all communities have some pattern of stratification. Since the Valley City Negroes, the minority group selected for this research. represent a community structure, some pattern of stratification is present. At the time of this study the specific nature of the class structure tor this community had not been identified.

Statement of the problem. It was the purpose of this study (l) to delineate the social class structure of the Negro community of the Valley City metropolitan area in the year 1950~1951; (2) to show the relationships of membership in associations to class placement; (3) to show the relationship or membership in associations and of class placement to such factors as length of residence, education, occupation, and home ownership.

Importance of the study. The Valley City metropolitan area had, in March, 1946, a total of 15 per cent or its total population classified as "other than white," of which one-third were Negro. The 1950 Census listed the number as 6,677 Negroes. In certain areas the ethnic groups of Negro and Mexican residents are in the majority. A more thorough knowledge of the class structure and concomitant information of the associations serving these Negro people will facilitate better integration of this minority group into the total community structure. This knowledge will be useful to various municipal agencies as well as to sociologists.





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