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Psychologists and leaders in the field of education have pointed out time and again that high school curriculums should be designed not only to teach a group of subjects, but also to meet the needs of a large group of individuals - the students. The boy or girl who spends four years in classes of mathematics, history, English, science, and a lot of other subjects does so not in order to parrot back to a teacher a long list of learned facts, but in order that he may prepare himself to take his place in a society as well adjusted and useful citizen in his chosen community. If this premise is true, then it would appear that one of the basic needs of the high school student is effective oral communication. As a consequence, one of the basic curriculum subjects would be a course in fundamentals of speech.

This thesis is an attempt to find out if that need is being met by the high schools in the State of California. Briefly stated the thesis problem is: “Are the individual student’s speech needs being met by the California high school curriculums?”



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