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Young people, who attend high school. Face many problems these days. Some youth seem able to marshal all the resources necessary to solve and overcome their problems; others seem barely able to hold the line, while a few, who are much publicized, are overcome by their problems. Those who are overcome by their problems, when their behavior takes on anti-social characteristics, are called juvenile delinquents. It may be juvenile delinquency or parental failure. By whatever name it is called, shortcomings are in evidence.

Whenever juvenile delinquency is mentioned in a community, the signal seems to be given to variou groups or agencies to wrap white “robes of righteousness” about themselves and point out the shortcomings of other groups. Blaming others is not the purpose nor in the province of this paper. The hope is to ask a question or set forth a problem which may be answered, in some fair measure, to the good of all persons concerned.

Are there categories of problems which can be uncovered by an exploratory study of cases of juvenile delinquency, which might prove useful in changing procedures in the high school in order to reduce delinquency?

Efforts have been made to discover (1) whether there are problems which can be grouped; (2) whether the small city of Tulare has much or little in common with like cities or areas; and (3) whether something can be done in Tulare Union High School to change the situation.





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