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The natural result of this increased population was to place an abnormal strain on the Merced City School facilities. In the last ten years the enrollment of the schools in this city has increased from a peak of 1773 to 3566 pupils.

The administrators of Merced City schools, in attempting to provide adequate facilities for the mounting enrollments, have in the last three years, with the support of the patrons of the district, financed and constructed six new school buildings. Four of these are additions to the total number of district buildings and have been located at new sites because of the transfer of minor population to different attendance areas. Of the other two, one is a replacement and enlargement of an inadequate building, and the other is a replacement located at a new site to accommodate a shifted zone of attendance.

In spite or this effort, once again for the school year 1953-1954 there are arrangements being made for three more temporary buildings for classrooms, making a total of seventeen temporary structures being used. The overloaded attendance at one school without space tor expansion probably indicates that consideration should also be given to establishing an additional attendance center on the south side of town.

To add to these problems there is a feeling among patrons that added facilities such as cafeterias and multipurpose rooms should be planned. New constructions always further strain the finances of a school district for equipment and improvement of grounds.

Out of this situation arises a question of just what are the building needs in the Merced City School District as indicated by the population trends? This question resolves itself into other related questions which will be used as a guide for this investigation:

  1. What does a study of the community indicate as to its growth within the last ten years and its probably growth?
  2. What does the present educational program of the Merced City schools reveal regarding the optimum usage of the facilities already provided?
  3. What are the trends in school enrollment and what future enrollments may be expected within the next six years?
  4. Do evaluation scores of present buildings and their utilization indicate a need for additional facilities?
  5. What is the recommended school plant as indicated by an analysis of scientific data?





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