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This is a study intended to determine i f there are any significant differences in scholastic attainment between athletes and non-athletes at Modesto High School. The eight semester grades of the male graduates for the years 1945-1949 were studied, and only those graduates who attended Modesto High School for four years were considered. Raw differences in grades attained are shown as well as the differences apparent in comparing members of the two groups with like abilities as indicated by intelligence test scores.

An attempt to weigh the significant differences in scholastic attainment between the athlete and non-athlete in itself is justified by the theory that education is obligated to arrive at the most efficient processes for developing the best citizen. Research on the athlete and non-athlete offers many sidelights on educational processes. Some are a definite part of the study while others, though indirectly related, are so significant in the field of education as to demand attention. The sum total of the investigations seems to justify abundantly the value of the study .