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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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Lawrence E. Turner

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J. Marc Jantzen

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Walter R. Gore

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Willis N. Potter


The problem for the study of Corcoran Joint Union High School can be stated in its simplest form with three closely related questions: Why did the students drop out? Where are they living now? What are they doing now?

Until these questions can be answered, until the various causes of drop-outs can be determined, little or beneficial changes can be made either in or out of schools to solve the problem or, at least, alleviate the tendency for students to leave high school before graduation.

The problem which this particular study has attempted to solve is to determine why high school students dropped out of Corcoran Joint Union High School last year. This study attempts to answer what these drop-out students are doing now, where they are now living, and if school helped them in their present work.



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