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The purpose of this study is to present the responses of children to one hundred thirty-seven visual items developed under the direction of the present writer specifically for this purpose. The items are pen and ink sketches of situations, actions and objects which any child might find in his daily living or about which he might fantasy.

The subject matter of the items can be best be determined by direct reference to them as they are presented in Chapter III of this thesis. They represent many types of situations and objects with no intention of including or evaluating any specific content that might be found in a child's life. It was the hope of the writer that by presenting these items to a large number of children some definite pattern of acceptance-rejection responses might be discerned.

In the case of each child to whom the pictures were presented the responses were recorded in terms of his either liking or disliking each individual picture. Since each child was one of a group, the responses of the various groups of children are combined and presented in this thesis in graphs. In order to determine whether there is a significant differences in the acceptance-rejection patterns of the different groups of children.





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