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It was the purpose of this experimental investigation: (1) to find some type of amplifying unit (a) that would be small enough to allow the parents of young children, and the child himsel, as he grew older, to carry from the home to the class room and back home again, (b) that had extremely high fidelity to insure the hard-of-hearing child the opportunity to learn tonal qualities, (c) that lacked static and high-frequency squeal which so often is found in the small portable hearing aids, (d) that had the volume capacity great enough to allow these hard-of-hearing children to use the small remnant of hearing sense that was left to them; (2) to ascertain whether or not pre-kindergarten children would use these instruments in a school situation; (3) if in this school situation the child would learn to speak; (4) whether the parents could be taught to use these instruments in the home situation; and (5) whether the combined stimulation at school and at home would develop speech and normal personality in the hard-of-hearing child.

to flnd aom.e type of am!'ll.i unit (a) the. t would ·be emn:tl enough to tJtllow the parents of young children, and the eh11d · h1:m• self 1 . as he grew older, to eeU'~ from tl'Ja home t-;o th-e olell!ls :room and hack home agai.n.1 (b) tbn.t ht1td extr~melJt high t"~.deltty to insure the hard..-of.,.henr:tng child tba oppo r~tuni ty to 1 em l"n t(m~_:J.__Q.i~!!-~-~~ 1 ~fJ~ j_~)_ __ ~r~~~ _1St o1red statS c and .... fa~equen0mnant or hearing sense that was left ·to then'!) ( 2) to aacGrta:ln whethe:P or- not prt:h••kinde:r:•garten ch:tlclren would. uaa thtH'Ha 1nstru ... rnants :tn n school. s1. tuat1.on; ( 3) if il1 this school situation the child would l(~nrn to sp~tHr; (4) wl'H)ther the pnt'Em'b~$ cou;td be tl:lught to us& thet:~e 5.natruments :tn the home s:ttuationJ and ( l'5) whether th,e coml1i.tH:J!d st:tmulati<,)n r.t school and st bo:mo would develop f!:t)GE}ch and no:r~tal pe:t"sont'll:tty 1n the hard ... of..,.hanr• ch1.1d.





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