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Bible and Religious Education


In a measure, the thesis seeks to bring together a consideration of the program and problems from both the secular and religious viewpoints. The two are based upon the same psychological needs of humanity, but the two fields have become isolated in their fundamental approaches. The secular books barely mention the church and its programs. They have a tendency to regard the church as a "has-been.. in the field. They imply that the church should conduct "religious" services and leave recreation to the agencies. To this the writer cannot give agreement. On the other hand, many of the books written by the churchmen are equally unaware of community recreation, except in a critical manner at points of conflict and disagreement. Both types of programs are needed in the community. America will need much more of both before the problem of leisure is solved.

Inherent in the entire presentation is an awareness that life is a single entity, that recreation is now an isolated experience, that worship and recreation are but two of men's many responses to his experience in his environment and intimately related. Thus the field of recreation is essential in the program of the church as it seeks to develop fundamental and creative loyalties.





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