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The question, then, is not. "Should such a study impose limits upon itself?" Rather it is "How shall the boundaries be set?" On the part of the investigator, two considerations might well influence his choice of a specific area in the field of vocal research: (1) Is there a point upon which there exist confusion or, at least doubt, in the mind of the investigator? (2) Is the clearing up of this point of doubt or confusion sufficiently important to the investigator to justify his spending a year trying to solve the problem? In this case the writer has somewhat inadvertently ventured into a reading acquaintance with the theories of Douglas Stanley.1 These theories are in conflict wit his past beliefs and practices. It is claimed that the parctical application of these theories can improve and hasten the development of the vocal organ. If the alleged advantages are actual, the writer should adopt them. A unique treatment of vocal registers seems to be the chief conerstone of Dr. Stanley's system and theories.