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Master of Arts (M.A.)



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Malcolm R. Eiseler


A person living in Calaveras County is constantly reminded of the glorious past when the mines and camps were in full swing. The old buildings with their iron shutters, the great piles of worked-over gravel, and the stories of the old-timers all stimulate a person's curiosity about the romantic past. Therefore, it has been my ambition since first coming into the county to make a serious study of the early days and put down my findings in an organized paper. There are no printed works at all complete on the county as a whole. Mason's History of Amador County and Buckbee's Pioneer Days of Angels Camp have been helpful. Mason, however, deals with Calaveras County only before 1854, when Amador became a separate county, and his interest was with that area that later became Amador. Mrs. Buckbee deals only with Angel's Camp. Therefore, I believe that I have brought together in this paper the most complete history of the county up to 1866 that has ever been written.



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