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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Sport Sciences

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Earl R. Jackson


This thesis is a collection of Mr. Stagg's contributions to athletics covering a period of the last sixty-six years, partly as a participant, but largely as a coach, director of physical education, and as a leader of men.

Herein the author wishes to bring tribute to this great man who has contributed more to the field of athletics and the development of manhood than could be written hare in the form of facts and figures.

His achievements and inventions in the various phases of athletics speak for themselves and will go down in the archives representing this field of endeavor.

As a true Christian leader Mr. Stagg has created an enviable character that has left its imprint on many thousands of men whom he has guided through college and university careers. Through this truly great influence on men, his ideals and code of ethics will be felt throughout the world for many centuries to come.