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H. K. Faber


In any study of physical fitness or of nutritional well-being of a group of people, a knowledge of the normal height and weight of that group serves as a valuable guide. Thus, Height-Weight-Age tables have been prepared and are being used in schools, gymnasiums, camps, etc., as a gauge of physical development in children. However, for the group of Chinese school children in the United States very little work has been done to determine the normal height range and weight at the different ages and the normal height-weight-age relationships.

Because of the lack of data on the normal weights and heights of Chinese school children, the writer, who had previously attempted a survey and study of malnutrition among Chinese school children in Stockton, California, found that she has no means to gauge her measurements.

The tables prepared for Caucasian children are always available and can be referred to, of course; but can height-weight-age standards which are based on measurements of Caucasian children serve as standards by which Chinese children could be judged? This study was undertaken in order to throw light on that question and to serve as accurate and contemporaneous material for preparing height-weight-age tables for Chinese school children in Northern California, should the final analysis prove that tables prepared for Caucasian children cannot be adapted for their use.





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