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The following study is an attempt to discover some of the possible values that may have come to certain groups as a result of a short guidance course given to ninth grade Junior High students. Many studies will need to be made in this field if the real values are to be determined. After all, there are so many guidance factors that enter into the life of the average Junior High student, it is difficult to say with assurance, "this is the direct influence of a particular course."

We can only hope that the more subtle and often the more lasting values have been impressed upon the youth today whether we can measure them or not. This kind of study must of necessity deal with the more obvious results of "exposure" that can be measured objectively.

"Helping young people to develop ability for efficient self-guidance" is the writer's definition of the aim of guidance in the education program today. Throughout all the activities in connection with this study, this aim has been the key note.



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