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Deficits in the study skills of college students can lead to lower academic performance or even disqualification. Existing research that has evaluated methods for improving independent study skills have used group designs that overlook individual student differences. We evaluated the effects of a study skills training package using a single case design with college students. Sessions took place in a room arranged to emulate the typical study space found in a dorm or library. During sessions, participants were given a 3–6 page reading from a textbook on research methods and statistics. We modified the readings to equate the number of headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and bolded terms. Using a combination of a checklist with picture models and performance feedback, we taught college students how to set up their study environments, take notes, and study their notes by writing answers to study questions. Some participants received instructions to check items off of the checklist as they completed them. Results have shown checklist training to improve in targeted study skills for all four participants. Explicit instructions to check items off of the checklist has improved performance for one participant when consistent performance did not maintain after checklist training, and produced high levels of performance when implemented at the beginning of training for another participant.