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Although she’s now well past the age of maturity, Kathleen Nomura thinks that her elders in her large extended family do not yet see her as an adult. In reply to the question, “When did your family start treating you like an adult?” with a good-natured laugh, she answers, “They still don’t.” Yet, there were milestones along the way that indicated to her she was becoming an adult—being able to drive, moving away from home, and having to be responsible for her own bills. It was a long process, which has not reached a culmination in their minds, although she considers herself independent and grown-up…


Oral History, Stockton - CA, California, Filipino American, History


This oral history is part of the STOCKTONSpeaks! Project that ran from 2002-2005 in Stockton, CA. You can read more about STOCKTONSpeaks! on the homepage and the About page.

Carido Family: Kathleen Nomura (Youth)



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