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Conference Presentation

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American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)


Pittsburgh, PA

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June 4-7, 2006

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A dynamic modeling effort of a swept-blade wind turbine rotor has been conducted. The swept-blade concept was used for increased energy capture without an increase in the turbine loads. The work is part of a Department of Energy contract for increased wind energy capture at low-wind speed sites. The blade works by twisting to feather under aerodynamic loads at the outboard region. Conceptual design of the blade resulted in a 28 m blade radius for eventual testing on a normally 50 m diameter turbine. The blade was modeled with codes developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Comparisons were made to an unswept rotor of the same diameter and a baseline 50-m rotor. The results demonstrated the twisting and load-reduction behavior of the swept rotor. Little detriment in the power curve was shown with the swept blade, and substantial power increase over the 50 m baseline was obtained in below-rated power.

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