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I am an outsider to the world of crafts as I used to be an engineering educator before I was struck by a neuro-degenerative disease, but have always been interested in making things with my hands. I slowly make decorative objects from discarded or partially decayed wood. The process of creating something beautiful, especially from discarded materials, to share with others is truly therapeutic for me. A brief overview of my work follows.

The woods come from a variety of sources such as coastal driftwoods, trimmings from fruit trees in our backyard, fallen branches in our neighborhood during storms, old sheds and firewood. In addition to the inherent beauty in wood, there are specific visual delights in these sorts of wood due to, for example, insect-hollowed out cavities and intriguing forms shaped by years of exposure to sun, water, and wind. I am most interested in identifying these surprises and enhancing them in the final object. I also utilize other plant materials such as thorns and oak galls. I use hand tools and occasionally light power tools. The process of making my 3D objects usually includes cleaning, scraping, cutting, carving, sanding, and applying clear finish to bring out wood grain and protect the wood.

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University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA, William Knox Holt Memorial Library


Arts and Humanities | Engineering | Physical Sciences and Mathematics


With special thanks to Nicole Grady, Special Collections, for printing and layout.

Wood Delights



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