Facilitating Intercultural Learning—Model 1: Home Campus Faculty, Prior to and After Study Abroad

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Conference Presentation

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Wake Forest Intercultural Skills Enhancement (WISE) Conference


Winston-Salem, NC

Conference Dates

February 6-7, 2014

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This session focuses on the first of the four intervention models that are being highlighted at this conference. This groundbreaking model, designed to facilitate intercultural learning, features the active, intentional and highly structured participation of home-campus faculty in the learning of their students, before and after study abroad. In the mid-1970s Dr. Bruce La Brack, Professor Emeritus, School of International Studies, University of the Pacific, then a newly-hired cultural anthropologist, originated what is now the world’s longest standing academically credited intervention in student intercultural learning abroad. Dr. La Brack will open this session by discussing his and his colleagues’ development, during the program’s first three decades, of the University of the Pacific’s academically-credited “book end” approach to training students. Dr. Laura Bathhurst, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the University of the Pacific, will then discuss how this well-known and successful approach to facilitating student learning, deeply embedded in the institution’s curriculum, has continued to evolve during the years since she assumed leadership of the program following Dr. La Brack’s retirement.

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