#65: OT & Perinatal Pelvic Health with Kyrsten Spurrier and Carlin Reaume


Occupational Therapy


The number of OT’s providing perinatal care is on the rise. Which is exciting…and necessary. There remain so many gaps in the care of new and expecting moms, among which is treating incontinence. As we’ll see in our featured journal article, a staggering percentage of women experience incontinence postnatally, despite the known effectiveness of pelvic floor muscle training as a treatment. The article specifically explores the cost effectiveness of different models of pelvic floor therapy. The main takeaway? It is more efficient to offer services to prevent incontinence during pregnancy than to provide treatment services to manage incontinence postnatally—and that group-based treatment can be a cost-effective way to do it. After we break down the article, we’re excited to explore all of this further with pelvic floor occupational therapist, Kyrsten Spurrier, owner of the Perinatal Pelvis. This episode will be hosted by Carlin Reaume of Supported Mama.

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Fall 10-5-2023

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OT Potential Podcast