Reaching Beyond the ‘Triple Aim’: How Can Physical Therapy Promote a ‘Triple Win’ for Society?


Todd Davenport: 0000-0001-5772-7727


Physical Therapy


Historically, most physical therapists have practiced in the context of episodic tertiary care roles that take place in clinic-based, fee-for-service environments. The American Physical Therapy Association’s mission and vision statements now compel us to also think outside these historical roles, in order to think about how to care for populations. The Triple Win emphasizes the inter-relationships between health, health equity, and the environment, and the importance of acting to improve them in parallel. The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the role of population health in realizing our professional mission and vision. Specific examples will be provided for how our physical therapy profession can build communities and transform society by promoting the Triple Win.

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Conference Presentation

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2019 Annual Conference of the Oregon Physical Therapy Association

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Portland, OR

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