Innovative Approaches in Graduate Future Education Model: Interprofessional Telenutrition Sessions


Clinical Nutrition


As California’s first Future Graduate Future Education Model (FEM) program, the University of the Pacific Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition (MSCN) launched its inaugural cohort in 2020. ACEND’s call to action for demonstration programs is to develop innovative strategies that integrate coursework with supervised experiential learning activities that enhance professional practice. For the Advanced Nutrition Counseling and Education course, faculty designed and piloted an Interprofessional Telenutrition assignment in which MSCN students conducted nutrition wellness sessions with health professions students in Pacific’s School of Health Sciences. This activity leveraged both real-world experiential learning and interprofessional education. Each MSCN student conducted two video-recorded telenutrition sessions with Master of Social Work and Physician Assistant program students. Telenutrition preparation included a collaborative development of a Circle Chart with wellness nutrition topics to focus the sessions. This pilot assignment enabled each MSCN student a unique real-world application of culminating competencies in motivational interviewing, cross-cultural communication, and telenutrition delivery of counseling instead of frequently used role-plays. Each student had two sessions to practice competencies and perform self-reflective practice via video recording playback. 100% of students (n=7) met or exceeded expectations in the performance indicators toward curricular mapped competencies. For the Master of Social Work and Physician Assistant program students, the experience offered a unique opportunity for both personal goal setting and gaining insight into the role of the registered dietitian within the interprofessional healthcare team. The next larger cohort planned in year two will include data collection and analysis to measure curricular effectiveness.

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California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Conference

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April 14-24, 2021

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