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that formed his night-cap.

Cloudy weather and rain were with us down the China Sea, the waters were of a peculiar yellow green color, and all night in looking over the side seemed filled with candles, owing to the presence of phosforescent [phosphorescent] marine life.

Wednesday religious services were held in the dining saloon to the [China] boys, the steward officiating. All the chairs and carpets were taken up six bibles and a quantity of prayer books were brought in and the 109th psalm was read with due solemnity. “Holy stone and sand” – [le]

Thursday forenoon the cast anchor at Hong Kong, 1580 miles


from Yokohama, time five days [three] hours. The morning was cloudy yet we could see that Hong Kong was picturesquely built at the foot of a high hill known as the peak, with [terraces] and residences creeping up its rugged sides. The houses looked large and palatial, from the anchorage (I am more familiar with [sod] houses than palaces, but palaces sounds well and I believe tourists usually call them palaces.) The [godowns] I found out were not a sort of tobaggin [toboggan] slide but just a warehouse and faced upon the quay the same I mistook for hotels or government buildings.

Beautiful shade trees were everywhere, in the main streets and

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