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might be good for one”. And he walked in from the door way and swallowed the dose.

Next day I went on deck a little while for air, tried to eat a trifle, and to hem a few napkins for the [restroom] which I cut out of an old tablecloth given me for the purpose.

While on deck the Chinese girl, who had come onboard with a very [moist] [countenance], walked smilingly toward me, I nodded to her and she said in good English “Good morning” how do you do” with the curiosity of a child she tried to peak in the saloon door and I motioned her to come nearer, she tiptoed up and took a good look inside


and then went away smiling. There a Chinese man walked part leading a very pretty little girl dressed in gorgeous apparal [apparel] and a quantity of jewelry her feet were very tiny and she could only walk with great difficulty. He told me she was his child and he was taking her back to China to get her married, he said “Her mother San Francisco, her mother cry, she cry” “How can you leave the poor child” said I. “ [O] she have good care, her other mother take care her she get everything, have nice time” He showed me the small feet with pride. “I said no good. Hands made to use, eyes to see, ears to hear and feet to walk. Small feet hurt,

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