STEP OUT/STEP IN : Class of 2010 Senior Exhibition


STEP OUT/STEP IN : Class of 2010 Senior Exhibition


Exhibit Dates

April 27 - May 15, 2010


The Senior Class of 2010 in the Department of Visual Arts present Step Out/Step In, an exhibition of their art and design works at the Reynolds Gallery.

Step Out / Step In features graphic design and studio art seniors: Brooke A. Cashion, Yolanda E. Cunningham, Lauren Friedrich, Samantha J. Kowalski, Glynnis Koike, David Mayman, Ivan J. Rocha, Christine Strain. Simultaneously with the senior show, the junior class presents, Seen/Unseen, a display of their works in the foyer gallery of the Studio building across from the Reynolds Gallery.

Step Out / Step In:

Brooke Cashion
B.F.A. Studio Art
The focus of my senior project is about the relationship between people and the objects they use to prepare and enjoy food. The individual pieces of pottery are conceived to promote a lifestyle of simple satisfaction and locality and produced to emphasize the sense of touch among useful utilitarian forms. I believe my ceramics speaks to the user and emphasizes that it is made to appeal to their hands, to provide a larger sense of nourishment.

Yolanda Cunningham
B.F.A. Studio Art
My Senior Exhibition is titled Atonement: Manifestation. The over-arching theme of my senior project is an extension of earlier artworks exploring the personal consequences of drug addiction. I have selected the transitive verb manifestation to guide my art making process. The Manifestation series expands my explorations to include atonement, following earlier work about guilt and reconciliation.

Lauren Friedrich
B.F.A. Graphic Design
I design to generate a concept driven message that changes and informs our outward perceptions of the world. My Spicebox packaging project shows how people connect through culture and history by the migration of spices. Coming from different regions around the world, my spices bring out the flavorful history of the specific cultures that has produced them. We share our recipes, traditions, andour history with others, giving us a broader perspective of the world around us.

Samantha Kowalski
B.F.A. Graphic Design
I believe that good design should be driven by considerations for audience and concept. All of my works are concept driven, meaning that I strive for a thorough understanding of what I am designing and whom it is for. The work that I will be showing for my senior exhibition will be works that are my own personal favorites during my time at Pacific. My works show my concern for typography, good composition, use of the grid, and my explorations in color. All the works I create center around the techniques of visual communication. I strive to make a connection with the viewer and to propose that they act on something. Ultimately, I want to create designs that are memorable and just simply beautiful.

Glynnis Koike
B.F.A. Graphic Design
There is a certain beauty in the art of stories. There is, without a doubt, a great power in words and it is this power and wonder that I hope to convey in my series of designs. I have a wide range of styles that I use as a result of all my different influences. Some historical ones include Baroque design and ornamentation, Art Nouveau, the Bauhaus (in relation to their typography), Japanese prints, and a bit of Plakastil. In a way, I suppose I am always attempting to merge the two opposing forces together: simplicity with a burst of intricate images on the side. In addition, I also like to merge Eastern traditions with the West. Each design was given my full attention and research in order to reach the best solution possible.

David Mayman
B.F.A. Graphic Design
I believe design has the ability to perform a function in the most efficient, beautiful, and essential way. I favor simplicity. I think there is something beautiful about the essential, the design stripped down to its core. With all the power of design, I believe I have a responsibility to ensure that my designs help people, help our world, and therefore foster a better future.

Ivan Rocha
B.F.A. Graphic Design
As a designer, I always try to design with intent and reason, so the concept and message is very important in my work. My goal is to engage my audience in a genuine and meaningful dialogue. My approach varies from one design to another and is in essence a response to the subject matter. However, the initial brainstorming phase is a step I try to keep consistent. I will often spend a greater portion of the design process researching, planning, experimenting and sketching before I do anything on the computer. This brainstorming phase is the most tedious and nerve-wrecking part of my process, but it gets to the heart of what I love about design. With every project I push myself to learn new techniques and pull from my experience ways to improve.

Christine Strain
B.F.A .Studio Arts
For my senior project I have been given the opportunity to create a public artwork for the St. Joseph Hospital Foundation's ""A Star is Born"" capital campaign. The artwork is a large-scale donor recognition mural featuring the spirit of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta environs, the integrity of the fine arts and a unique opportunity to assist the Foundation's practical need to attract patronage and recognize 375 patrons for its newly constructed Patient Pavilion. Each star embedded in the sky of the painting will recognize a patron's donation and children born in the new facility.

STEP OUT/STEP IN : Class of 2010 Senior Exhibition