Daniel Kasser: Western Technosites


Daniel Kasser: Western Technosites


Exhibit Dates

January 19 - February 23, 2010


Western Technosites features 25 photographic prints from a series Visual Arts Professor Daniel Kasser will soon publish as a book, as well as a new installation piece titled "The Law of the Spade." The subject of the Western Technosite series is the Western landscape whose appearance, culture, and mythology has been routinely re-shaped by the introduction of large-scale technologies. The development of the American West has produced large tracts of industrial and post-industrial terrain generally looked upon as banal, depreciated, and polluted. But, for Kasser, many of these sites are layered with artifacts and stories of American's optimism, symbols of our progress and the evidence of our efforts to "reclaim" wilderness in pursuit of individual and national comfort and wealth.

During the February 21, 2010 reception for Western Technosites, Professor Kasser will be on hand to answer your questions about this fascinating new work.

There is also the chance to hear the artist discuss his work on the Insight Radio program on Jan. 19th, 2010 at 10 am! Find Insight on Capital Public Radio: 91.3 Stockton/Modesto, 90.9 Sacramento, 90.5 Tahoe/Reno, and 88.1 Quincy.

Daniel Kasser: Western Technosites